Welcome to Crave Grill House

Steak, Seafood & Pasta


Food made with love & passion

Our first and foremost commitment is to be certain every dish is prepared in accordance with strict zabihah halal adherence.  We are pleased to be a focused restaurant catering to the exact needs of our valued guests.  At Crave, we proudly select every ingredient from leading and recognized farmers, suppliers and manufacturers who are committed to quality and integrity just as much as we are committed to these values.

We proudly prepare each and every one of our dishes with heart and soul to impress your taste buds.  We are an experienced team of chefs and owners with years of experience stretching from Canada to the Middle East and Asia.  Every meal and recipe is created from that experience to provide dishes that will burst with authentic flavour and leave you craving for more!

Our steaks are certified AAA quality and aged a minimum 28 days to guarantee flavour.  Each steak is rubbed in our unique home made steak spice.  Every  steak is grilled to order and cooked to your liking.  Our goal is for you to certify us as your steak experts.

We have selectively limited our menu to guarantee freshness and quality.  We have created dishes including our piri piri chicken and Sole Meunière with authentic ingredients to ensure the originality of these specialty dishes.  Our recipes and dishes are inspired by European and North American culinary traditions but with a touch of 21st century world fusion.

Our pastas likewise are traditional and yet also innovative.  Our sauces are prepared in house using only the highest-grade tomatoes, creams, cheese, meats and vegetables.  Our flatbreads are a takeoff on pizzas that can be enjoyed as an individual meal or shared amongst friends and family at your table as a perfect starter.

We are happy to assist you with your needs and provide you with service and an experience that will make us your house for great steaks, terrific seafood and awesome pastas.

"Lots of tasty options... I've returned there like 5 times.
The staff is helpful.
The chef is very precise.
I will always visit there every chance I'm in the area."

Lin Ramj

"Amazing food, good quantity, and quality. Peri peri chicken was very good and their 4 cheese dip with nachos was the best I have ever had. Their weekday offer for 2/4 people is nice too. Would definitely recommend."

Nabeela Ilyas